Basic Grey picture sizes

You can get a look at the March and April layouts in the post below with the pictures. Just click on it and it will enlarge.

The sizes for the pictures are always width x height

For March, you will need these pictures: 3 - 6" x 4" , 1 - 4" x 4" and 2 circles - 4 1/2" diameter

For April you will only need two pics: 7" x 5" and 3" x 5"

And here are the topics for the rest of the year, so you can be thinking about your journaling.

March: A Day in my Life
April: All My Quirks
May: When I Was A Kid
June: A Life-Changing Moment
July: Reveal the Real You
August: My Circle of Friends
September: This I Believe
October: I Am Unique
November: Person/People Who Inspire Me
December: A Letter to Myself
Bonus 13th Month: Now You Know Me

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