Just in case you didn't get/see/read the newsletter update - we would like you to re-think the layout name. Try to ignore the cute twins (don't tell them I said they were cute - they are 8 year old boys, after all!); our name for the page - "school daze"; and just focus on the paper and the layout. We do have all the titles written down, but if you want to give it another go - please do! This is not a one-per-person contest :)


Anonymous said...

What about "Circles of Life" or retro something... "Round about Retro" or "Retrograde" or even "Lovin' the Flashback". The paper gives me that 1970's feel. I can't figure out how to sign on so it says I'm anonymous, but I'm really Kath O. I'm going to have figure out this one some time.

Marlene W said...

How about,
oodles of doodles or
pick a spot
or going around in circles